What is allowed on the festival site?

Since this is the festival’s second edition in Brazil, we think it’s necessary to clarify what’s allowed, what’s not and what we require from you:


  • Valid ID with photo proving that you are over 18 years of age;
  • Proof for half-entry benefit (or book for donation) if applicable;

  • Hat, cap, or any item of clothing that protects your head;
  • Sweaters, jackets and / or shirts;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Sarongs and scarves;
  • Raincoats or overcoats;
  • Sunscreen (cream or paste);
  • Lip balm;
  • Backpack or bag
  • Processed / industrialized foods as long as they are sealed.

  • Bottles, cans, and beverage containers, as well as storage utensils and rigid containers with a lid;
  • Helmets;
  • Chairs, benches or any type of portable furniture;
  • Firearms, white weapons, pointed, sharp and / or piercing objects;
  • Fireworks of any kind;
  • Glass objects;
  • Professional or detachable lens cameras or camcorders. Posters made with thick cardboard and / or fixed to wood and solid materials, straws and related artifacts;
  • Animals - with the noble exception of properly identified guide dogs, accompanied by the visually impaired;
  • Photo sticks;
  • Flammable and / or corrosive substances.
  • Deodorants or any type of liquid perfume or cosmetics in containers with a volume larger than 3oz / 90ml.
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